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With a successful 2021 Art Gallery, the Art For Social Justice is looking to further expand. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the latest news and our next project.

What AFSJ Is All About

Art for Social Justice is an artistic or creative cultural practice that may operate in traditional or nontraditional mediums, modes, or disciplines with a vision and an intentional perspective or analysis as a form of empowerment and influence. The Art For Social Justice Art Gallery is an experience, created by ALIVE MKE, for to showcase and discuss artwork that challenges our way of thinking, builds our way of living, and shapes the world around us.




Thank you to our Artists, No.Studios, and our supporters for a great Art For Social Justice: Virtual Art Gallery Experience! We truly appreciate your support. We believe our developing initiative offered a unique artistic and meaningful experience, and we appreciate your efforts in helping to make The Art For Social Justice: Virtual Art Gallery a success.

ALIVE Inc. Milwaukee is a unique organization fostering a variety of achievement skills for youth in business, arts, professional development, and educational attainment. It grows out of the proven experience of its supporters to dramatically improve the lives of youth in Greater Milwaukee, with the creation of initiatives like the MKE Fellows and Art For Social Justice. ALIVE MKE has functioned since 2012 in Milwaukee but the organizational design and structure have been effective for well over a decade in both local and national initiatives.


College Graduates


Students Mentored


Lives Changed

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