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As an artist, I believe it’s important to take risks, experiment, and analyze. Within my work I enjoy focusing on the importance of those who surround me and the environments that I have been brought up in. I strive to involve others within my creative process not only to make the work more personalized, but to also allow for collective consciousness in the decision making process. In addition, my work focuses on the mental and physical health conditions that have arisen in response to these environments. I consider myself a work in progress as I’m constantly discovering new ways of being and how to evolve as an artist in an ever changing world. Darkroom photography allows me to think strategically about the shot I am going for. When working with film, the photographer must keep in mind the limited number of shots available unlike when working digitally. Having this physical process is like that of a fine arts practice when it comes to the interactivity of a completed work. While currently in my junior year at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design working towards a Bachelors in Fine Arts, I have a passion for photography as well. Whether this be documenting everyday life, shooting for clients, references, or from a creative lens, I utilize it as a tool to further my perception of the world that surrounds this body that I exist within.

Hannah Davis, AFSJ 2021: Artist



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