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Over the last six years or so, I have primarily created landscapes and scenery with spray paint. Yes, the same stuff you’ve probably used to paint tables or chairs. While the paint is wet, I am able to utilize layering, masking, and reductive techniques to produce unique effects. Since the birth of my daughter, in  2018, my paintings have become a bit more whimsical in nature; pulling from how I imagine she views the world around her. My recent work is still made mostly with spray paint; however, I have started to incorporate paint markers, water-based spray paint, and the use of some stencils. Using my hands, palette knives, magazine paper, and other found objects are other ways I have been able to manipulate the wet paint. I have to cycle between working quickly and being patient because spray paint dries fast, but stays sticky too long to use a stencil or marker right away. It is because of my understanding of this balance that I am able to produce work that captivates the viewer. Even with the slight change in my recent work, my objective remains the same: to allow the viewer to visit the places I mentally create as a form of escape. Welcome to my world: I hope you enjoy your stay.

Stephon Freeman, AFSJ 2021: Artist


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